Welcome To Philosophia School

PHILOSOPHIA An English Medium & English Version School has been established with the prime philosophy of imparting quality education and good character building. Our aim is to meet the high demand of quality education not only in the Narayanganj but also in the field of English Medium education all over the country. As such, our quality, philosophy and standard are always being tested and tried to keep up to the demand of the new millennium. We gather the best possible resources for providing the best guide to proper education, set up research teams for constant up-grading of resources & materials and maintain a constant vigil on the techniques and methods on the ever changing world of modern education.

Why Choose Philosophia School?

Education, the highest tool of human development, should shape our next generation with highest degree of morality, humanity and honesty. Now it is not reflecting in our society. The educated people are not carrying the quality that  they must have.

 PHILOSOPHIA, provides you “The True Education” that deals with World Class Education and Highest Level of Moral Practice. We are the best in Narayanganj to build your child true human.


Our Teachers